16,000 square feet

more than 20 employees

As a leader in the decal Industry since our inception in 1977, we at Custom Decal have created an industry-wide reputation for producing the highest quality product possible with outstanding value, cutting-edge design, marketing and customer service.

Located in El Cajon, California, Custom Decal has crafted many designs for a wide variety of different clients around the world, ranging from High School and College Athletics across the country, to the Surf and Snowboard Industry, AMA Supercross and Motocross Teams, Medical and Automotive Industries to name just a few. Our 16,000 square foot facility with over 20 full time employees is ready to sevice you and your business today.

We have a dozen different decal specific presses to ensure you get a product that will suit your specific needs. With nearly infinite materials, inks, laminates and adhesives available and our 35 years of manufacturing experience your company will get the product you need roght on time.


Our custom designs are always created in-house, which allows our customers to visually follow the process of their orders from beginning to end. Our Production Department also works alongside with you so your order is completed on time and the way you want it.

Our customers range from the mom and pop organization down the road to global corporations and all of our clients have one goal in common when it comes to the reputation of their company products, and that is quality with value. At Custom Decal, we demand and use only the best materials available to us on the market today. From our inks and dies, to the vinyls and 3M Adhesives we use, our attention to detail and stringent quality control ensures that you, our customer, are provided with only the best possible product.