What we offer

At Custom Decal we are screen and digital decal specialists. We have equipment to create solutions to all of your sticker needs.

  • Screen Printing

    Direct Screen Printing is the type of printing used for general promotional decals. An adhesive backed substrate is UV surface printed and cured before any other processes such as backsplitting and die cutting. The final product gives you a higly detailed vibrant colored decal with minimal cost.
  • Digital Printing

    We have spent countless hours ensuring we have the best digital product on the market. Our colors are brighter and our prices are better. Do you need prototype or short run decals? Our digtal prints are fully die cut and laminated to give you the look and feel of a screen printed decal in a lower volume.
  • Sub Surface Screen Printing

    Our reverse sub surface printed decals give you the option of an inside/outside decal or an extra durable graphic that will stand up to even the harshest conditions of professional motocross. Our print quality and conformability is unsurpassed.
  • Die Cutting

    Seven die cut presses and four cut styles allow Custom Decal to die cut virtually anything to get your manufacturing business back to work faster. We can provide the dies or you can supply your own. Please contact us for a die cutting quote.